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Business & Economics Research Guide: Company Research

General resources and research tips for business research.

Company Research Tutorial

Company Research: Getting Started

Company Research Tips:

  • Publicly-traded companies will be easier to research than private companies.
  • You will use a mix of library resources (Mergent, Business Source Complete) and Web resources.
  • Company research invovles using both company and industry resources.
  • Some companies are easier to research than others. Companies and brands are merged and absorbed regularly, and this can make finding even recent information difficult.
  • Just because you want a certain piece of information doesn't mean it is available.
  • Industry information goes hand-in-hand with company information. See the Industry Research page for more details.
  • Sometimes you will have to make an educated guess.

Remember: Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it!

Company Information, History, and Analysis

In addition to the sources listed below, check company website. Most public companies post their annual reports and a company history on their pages. However, some will make it difficult to find. Look for a link titled "Investment information" or "Information for Investors.

Financials: Publicly-traded Companies

Financial information can include: annual revenue, net income, ratios, dividends per share and more.

Publicly-traded companies are required to file financial reports with the Securities & Exchange Commission several times a year. Use the source below to find current and historical financials and to help interpret the numbers. 

Helpful Resources:

Financials: Private Companies

Private companies are not required to file financial information and do not have to make this information available to the public, making it difficult to find in-depth and historical financial information and analysis.  

Helpful Resources: