Business & Economics Research Guide: Marketing & Consumer Behavior

General resources and research tips for business research.

How to Use MRI Simmons Insight

MRI Simmons Insight

A database that reports on American consumer purchasing habits, viewing habits, demographics, and psychographics. Their information is based on in-person and mail-in surveys of more than 26,000 households.
This link will take you to a how-to page where you can access Simmons Inight and find tutorials on how to build and read a report. 

Marketing: Company & Industry Resources

Company and industry information are needed when doing any marketing research. For more in-depth information on researching a company and industry, see the Company and Industry pages for more help.

Business Source Complete, Mergent Online, and IBISWorld will provide a general view of a company and it's competitive landscape. 

Marketing: Consumer Behavior

These are resources for researching marketing and consumer behavior. These resources can be used to find out information about who is using a product, who might be using a product, possible demand, and use of a product by a certain group or a specific geography. This information can be used to help determine whether there is a need for a product or small business in a certain area.

Marketing: Media Information

These resources can be used to locate information about specific forms of media (print, broadcast, online, etc.). Use these to find out circulation statistics and ad cost for print publications and usage and ad costs for online publications. These can be helpful determining the cost to advertise television commercials, but that cost depends on many different factors (ratings, time of day, channel, etc.) and sometimes an estimate is all that is available.